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Age of Tanks

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1. What Is Age of Tanks?

AGE OF TANKS is a 3D turn-based strategy card game, set in an immersive metaverse, where players can assemble their preferred tanks, build their tank teams, outwit opponents, and rule the battlefield.

2. What is $A.O.T?

$A.O.T is the digital native currency of Age of Tanks built on the BSC Chain to underpin the ecosystem. The basic aim of presenting $AOT tokens is to bring a fair and transparent payment system between gamers to make the ecosystem more reliable and safer.
Gamers can earn $A.O.T tokens by winning PVP battle conquer, achieve seasonal top-ranking, owning of $A.O.T Refiner, selling of Tank NFT or parts at the in-game marketplace.

A.O.T is the native utility token that is used for:

Minting Tank NFTs and forging parts.Making purchase via the in-game marketplace.
Rewarding gamers for actively participating in the game ecosystem.
DeFi Staking to earn staking rewards as a certain % of game revenues given out as rewards.
Governance: empowering gamers to make key decisions regarding the direction of the ecosystem based on the voting of the token holders.
There will also be rewards for voters to encourage participation in the voting process.

3. How Many $A.O.T Coins Are There in Circulation?

300,000,000 $A.O.T

4. Who Are the Founders of Age Of Tanks?

Age Of Tanks is the flagship of game development studio DefiNation Studio. DEFINATION is a GameFi studio based in Singapore with a team of 15 strong from Singapore and China. We are passionate on providing the ultimate gaming experience while merging traditional gaming values with new and exciting possibilities available through decentralized blockchain technology.

5. Where Can I Buy $A.O.T?

$A.O.T is available for trading on Pancakeswap, the pairs currently available are BNB/A.O.T and BUSD/A.O.T.

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