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Alpine F1 Team Fan Token

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What Is Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE)?

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) is the first Formula One-themed fan token by Binance — the world's biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange. After Binance released its first fan token in LAZIO, the ALPINE token will give fans of the Alpine F1 Team a chance to engage with the racing brand. Binance promises that the token will "revolutionize the fan experience" by allowing fans to:

* Participate in team voting polls
* Hunt digital collectibles and purchase NFTs
* Enjoy gamification features tied to fan rewards or great experiences

After Socios had first popularized fan tokens, Binance took over the launch of new tokens like PORTO. The Binance logo will be featured on the new Alpine A522 cars starting from next season. Alpine executives were highly pleased with the deal. Laurent Rossi, the CEO of the F1 team, said that "partnering with Binance fuels our passion to change the racing landscape as well as open doors for more innovative fan engagement." Binance was equally buoyant about the deal, with Helen Hai, CEO of Binance Fiat Exchange noting that "we [Binance] aim to bring equally exciting experiences to the blockchain and drive even more utility for ALPINE holders, to extend the range of activities fans can already do on our platform. We are just approaching 'turn one' of 'lap one' on the token race track; and possibilities are truly endless."

Who Are the Founders of Alpine F1 Team Fan Token?

The Alpine Team is part of Alpine Cars, a French manufacturer of racing and sports cars belonging to the Renault Group. It was established in 1955 and launched its own esports division in 2021. Alpine's project team for the token launch consists of:

* Guillaume Vergnas (B2B Partnerships Manager): has five years of experience in building partnerships in F1 and the automotive industry.
* Achille Dulac (Business Development Manager): has eight years of experience in developing brand collaborations, relationship management, and market expansion.
* Angela Liu (Partnership Coordination Officer): has nine years of experience ranging from strategy consulting in the sports and entertainment industry.
* Matthias Moulin (Global Business Development Manager): has ten years of experience in acquiring and managing sponsorships, commercial partnerships, and account management.

Binance was launched by Changpeng Zhao and is the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Its Binance Coin (BNB) token has become a top 5 cryptocurrency thanks to the extraordinary success of Binance and the Binance Smart Chain. After striking a deal with Socios in December 2020, Binance became the new fan tokens' distribution platform.

What Makes Alpine F1 Team Fan Token Unique?

Binance outlines several current and future use cases for the ALPINE token.

Right after its launch, ALPINE token holders will be able to participate in fan engagement-related voting sessions on Binance. Although Alpine hasn't yet outlined any details about how this could look in practice, other fan tokens like LAZIO and PORTO allowed fans to vote on issues like choosing the starting eleven for a test fixture and influencing what color the captain's band should have.

Furthermore, ALPINE holders will be able to stake their NFTs for rewards and other digital collectibles at the so-called "NFT PowerStation." This also includes loyalty subscriptions and gift cards. They will also have access to other benefits like direct contact with the F1 team on the Binance Fan Token Platform, signed merchandise, meet-and-greets with the drivers and more.

In the future, token holders will be able to donate directly to the team and receive a loyalty badge for it. The platform will also boast more gamification features to further engage token holders. For instance, fans will be able to pay for their team membership with their fan token and buy merch from the team's e-commerce platform.

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