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What is Betherchip (BEC)?

Betherchip is the solution in security and convenience to make the world of games much more profitable and fun.

Much has evolved in the financial world, and cryptocurrencies came from this natural evolution. Digital assets are the result of the union between security, encryption technology, and financial transactions.

BETHERCHIP is an innovative project that was created to offer much more security and transparency to major entertainment centers. Through blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and APIs, BETHERCHIP entered the market of games and bets securely and efficiently.

What is BEC's goal?

BEC is a token aimed entirely at the gaming entertainment market. It was created from the perception of one of the most impressive growths in the entertainment market.

Casinos go beyond Las Vegas and move a billion-dollar world market.

Imagine a gambling establishment that moves, aside from chips for use in betting and gaming, its own cryptocurrency, which can replace, over time, the traditional chips, creating an exponential profit opportunity for the establishment.

A cryptocurrency with gradual appreciation through the popularization of online games, and thus generating even more value.

BETHERCHIP seeks to be an instrument of transparency and agility for the largest gaming establishments in the world, making this market increasingly safe, and consequently, opening space in new countries that currently criminalize the practice.

In addition, BETHERCHIP has its own wallet, offering more storage security, and also the option to buy the new BEC inside the wallet. In the BEC Wallet, you also have an opportunity for earnings, through the BEC Wallet Staking program where tokens are stored for a period of time, generating an Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

BEC's reliability

The project relies on the ERC 20 blockchain technology. Using very effective encryption and blockchain technology, BETHERCHIP will have its transactions 100% displayed in real-time through Etherscan, a complete and transparent report of everything that happens with the cryptocurrency. It is the ideal solution and the opportunity to take the gaming market to another level with total trust.

How many BEC are in circulation?

BETHERCHIP has a project with a maximum distribution of 15 million BEC.

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