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What is BitDiamond?

BitDiamond is a decentralized store of value with non-custodial staking rewards on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The project’s main focus is on holder safety and steady project execution, eschewing the current trend of BSC tokens that enjoy rapid parabolic rises and similarly hasty descents in unit price. The project has launched without pre-sale with an audit from Quillhash, 97% of tokens added to liquidity with all of that liquidity locked. As an additional safety measure, we have included an ‘anti-whale’ feature to discourage large token movements, with transactions capped at 1% of total supply.

What is BitDiamond’s use case?

Recent months have seen a pattern in the flow of assets between Bitcoin, Eth, DeFi and alt-coins. The general trend has been for asset value increases to follow the sequence of Bitcoin -> Eth -> DeFi / alt-coins, then back to Bitcoin to begin the cycle again. It has been observed that pull-backs in asset prices of one group of crypto assets are often reflected in price appreciation in other crypto assets. Many have drawn the conclusion that pull-backs in asset price don’t necessarily represent an outflow of capital to fiat currency, but a reallocation of funds to other parts of crypto. Until the implementation of EIP-1559, or indeed eth2.0, high gas prices in Ethereum will continue to drive the growth of small-cap crypto to Binance Smart Chain. There is therefore a need for a coin to represent a reliable store of value on BSC, offering holders an incentive to retain their holdings. BitDiamond aims to be that store of value.

What are BitDiamond’s Tokenomics?

* 21,000,000 maximum supply, all added to liquidity
* Maximum transaction size of 210,000 tokens
* BitDiamond employs very simple smart contract tokenomics. 4% of every on-chain transaction is distributed to holders in proportion to the size of their holding

What is in the project roadmap?

The short-term project roadmap is focussed on holder engagement and expansion to other exchanges. The longer-term roadmap includes a number of initiatives that are in the early stages of development.

Where Can I Buy BitDiamond?

BitDiamond is currently available on Pancakeswap. The project roadmap includes the rollout to additional exchanges over the coming months.

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