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Bubblegum is a sweet, auto-yield token on the Binance Smart Chain, which was deployed on Tuesday, April 27th, 2021.
The concept is simple, yet unique; Bubblegum aims run its organization like a startup company, rather than a typical cryptocurrency.


Bubblegum’s Founder, James Wolf, has invented a new method for launching and operating a token called the Sustainable Token Model or STM.
The Sustainable Token Model aids in supporting long-term growth and sustainability, by utilizing internal yields β€” which then generate funds to be used for operations, marketing, dev costs, etc.
Driven by the intense pain that low MC crypto investors constantly feel from being rug-pulled over and over again, the Sustainable Token Model (STM) is quite simple β€” yet, also very important for the long-term success and sustainability for any new cryptocurrency to take off:

β€’ The token creator is to set aside a pool of approximately 30% of the total supply at launch
β€’ This pool is placed securely into an internal dev wallet
β€’ Yield produced from this pool is then β€œbatched” periodically and used to fund operating expenses, marketing costs, development efforts, etc.
β€’ The original 30% of total supply is to remain in the wallet, so that new yields can be produced
β€’ Allowing the newly deployed token to be sustainable for the long-term.

This STM methodology is based on any successful company.
(No company would be able to give up 95% or 100% of their equity! They would fail miserably.)
Any successful & sustainable company would need to remain in control of some sizable chunk of the equity, just to stay solvent… let alone invest internally for growth.
STM is designed to provide holders with sustained, long-term value and lower risk β€” and that is what Bubblegum plans to accomplish.


10% fee on every transaction and transfer.
Of that 10% fee, 5% gets redistributed to all holders, 3% is taxed as a transaction fee, and 2% is burned forever.
The aforementioned tokenomics structure provides for three main functions:
1. Encourages investors to hold for the long-term;
2. Provides further fuel for high growth; and
3. Creates natural scarcity over time, which increases both demand & pricing.


Founder James Wolf has been a fully doxxed dev since day one. This means that he has publicly announced his name, general location, LinkedIn profile, selfies, videos, and more.

With over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist, as well as being a crypto investor since 2015, Mr. Wolf holds his ethics and dignity close to his heart.
Furthermore, liquidity has been locked for 24 months via


The Bubblegum Team is actively working on the design and development of a new DeFi asset tracking and analysis dapp.

The goal is to have a minimally viable product (MVP) launched by Q3 or Q4 of 2021.

The MVP will first launch with minimal features, in order to gain feedback and insight from the Bubblegum community. As the dapp is beta tested, they will add more features along the way.


Up your crypto trading game with Bubblegum! This unique asset-tracking dapp & charting tool provides a one-stop shop to quickly view, sort, analyze and monitor all your crypto holdings.

Get quick token stats like: average dollar cost per hold, percent gains & losses over time, number of holders over time, total tokens burned, track your auto-yields, and more.

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