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What Is CryptoCars (CCAR)?

CryptoCars is a car-themed play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) inspired by the 2006 animated Pixar movie _Cars_. CryptoCars targets male players as their primary gaming audience. The play-to-earn game offers a selection of various racing modes like a virtual racing simulator, player-versus-computer racing, player-versus-player racing, and the possibility to upgrade and trade cars on the game’s marketplace. By participating in these various gameplay modes, players can earn experience points and CCAR, the in-game currency of CryptoCars. Furthermore, players with plenty of capital can purchase a car workshop, which represents virtual real estate in the form of an NFT and enables them to earn CCAR via workshop services like refueling and staking.

Who Are the Founders of CryptoCars?

CryptoCars was developed by a team of Vietnamese developers led by Ly Tran (CEO) and An Nguyen (CTO). Mr.Tran graduated in computer science at the Ho Chi Minh Bach Khoa University in 2015 and has worked as a full-stack web and mobile app developer until he started CryptoCars. Mr. Nguyen is a fellow computer science graduate with mobile app development experience in iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

In total, a team of seven people has been developing CrypoCars since spring 2021. In the future, the team plans to integrate CryptoCars with its sister project CryptoPlanes.

What Makes CryptoCars Unique?

CryptoCars is the first major racing-based play-to-earn game and aims to stand out through its several gameplay modes.

In Virtual Racing, players can enter a captcha to compete in a racing simulator with random cars. The better a player’s position in the randomly generated race result, the more experience points they gain. Players can skip the 30-second waiting time for the result by paying 1 CCAR. Each race requires 15 fuel to participate.

In PvC Racing, players compete against computer opponents and can earn a maximum of 10 CCAR by winning a race. Similar to Virtual Racing, each turn costs 15 fuel.

Finally, in PvP Racing, which has yet to be launched, players will be able to challenge other users in races of 2, 5, or 10 players.

To compete, players have to purchase a mystery box for 600 CCAR and 20 CCAR for registering a number plate and five days of refueling. Every car is a unique BEP-721 NFT and players are offered a chance to purchase a car with the highest rarity. Moreover, they can merge two common or classic cars to generate a legendary car that allows them to participate in more races per day and can be utilized in the sister game CryptoPlanes for battles against planes.

Finally, CryptoCars offers the option of buying a car workshop where players can stake cars, rent cars, refuel them, and change their car color. Car workshops are used as a way of fundraising, as they are fairly expensive. For instance, the Bangkok Workshop was auctioned for 591,000 CCAR. In total, there are 20 car workshops in the game, and the owners of the workshops receive a share of the staking rewards and business revenues from car-related services.

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