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To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of CryptoZoon.

What Is CryptoZoon (ZOON)?

CryptoZoon is a digital collectible game inspired by PokΓ©mon Story. Its mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative and enjoyable way.

Players can trade NFTs called ZOANs, digital collectible creatures with different traits, levels and tribes. All ZOAN spawn from eggs and undergo an evolution to reach their final development stage. Players need to spend a few ZOON to take their digital creature from the egg phase to the ZOAN phase.

ZOANs can be trained and grow to fight monsters called Yaki Monsters. By fighting Yaki Monsters, players can earn ZOON, the native token of CryptoZoon as a reward. There are four ZOAN tribes in CryptoZoon and each tribe has different abilities. ZOANs come in six different levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Furthermore, CryptoZoon offers an NFT marketplace, where players can trade their ZOANs, and farming, where players can put up their NFTs as collateral to farm liquidity. Players can also compete against each other to receive ranking rewards and breed their ZOANs to create new NFTs.

Who Are the Founders of CryptoZoon?

The founders of CryptoZoon are anonymous. On their website, they state the legal situation of cryptocurrency in their country as the reason and point out other successful projects such as Sushi that have been built by anonymous founders, while projects like NanoDoge have been rug pulls even with a public team. This anonymity indicates that the team is not from an English-speaking country. The project might conceivably be from China, where cryptocurrencies repeatedly have met with resistance, although we don't know that for sure.

What Makes CryptoZoon Unique?

CryptoZoon is taking a page out of the playbook that has worked for other play-to-earn games. Players have multiple ways to accumulate ZOON.

First, they can fight Yaki Monsters and earn ZOON for successful battles. The game algorithm selects winners based on different ZOAN.

Characteristics, such as indicators, rarity and evolution levels. The rarer a ZOAN, the more turns it gets to fight a monster every four hours and, thus, the more ZOON it can earn. Turns are split according to the following ascending order of turns per hour:

ZOAN rarity level β€” frequency of ZOAN β€” turns to fight monster per four hours

Common 52.25% 1

Uncommon 26.12% 2

Rare 8.7% 3

Super Rare 6.53% 4

Epic 3.48% 5

Legendary 2.92% 6

Besides fighting regular Yaki Monsters, ZOANs can also fight Yaki Bosses once per week. Players need four ZOANs to participate: at least two ZOANs, each from rarity levels two and three, or at least one ZOAN from levels four, five or six. The token reward gets divided among the winners.

ZOANs that have reached level three or higher can be staked to generate farming rewards in the form of ZOON tokens. The team envisions a three-tiered profit system, where players can earn from holding ZOON tokens, use ZOON to buy NFT creatures, and use these NFT creatures in battle and as collateral to generate more ZOON and BNB.

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