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Defina Finance

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What Is Defina Finance (FINA)?

Defina Finance is a play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that combines DeFi and NFT elements, allowing players to own and monetize assets they earn playing the Defina game. Defina aims to bring blockchain to millions of players and create a community where users can earn while playing and govern the direction of the Defina game.

The gameplay of Defina is set in a future timeline where four rival organizations compete to solve the mysteries of the Vrykos, the game's villain species, which resemble zombies. Players choose their hero from one of the four factions and fight Vrykos in battle. They can engage in different activities like preemptive scouting, scavenging for resources, escorting merchants from one place to another, searching for mysterious relics, and striking the undead's nest. An interesting feature of Defina is that the storyline and background is developed through story writing contests, and is entirely a community effort.

The Beta version of the game was released in September 2021 and contains three game modes (Adventure, Arena, Mining). In its roadmap, the team envisions adding different typical play-to-earn games like virtual land sales, a Defina merch store, NFTs, and official Esports tournaments.

Who Are the Founders of Defina Finance?

Defina Finance was launched by Charles Cheng, a San Francisco-based blockchain startup investor, self-proclaimed GameFi believer and BTC miner. Cheng has extensive work experience in the gaming industry, with stints as Senior Finance Advisor at Sledgehammer Games and Investment Specialist at Red Ventures. Before he spent over ten years in the gaming industry, he worked for five years at Dell.

Defina Finance has raised $675,000 in three funding rounds, with the most notable investors being Huobi Capital, the VC arm of the Huobi exchange, and OKEx Blockdream Ventures. Another notable project that partnered with Defina is Roseon Finance, a crypto finance app.

What Makes Defina Finance Unique?

Defina Finance sets itself apart by providing players with an extensive array of different gameplay modes, factions to choose from, and missions to complete every day.

Currently, there are three modes available in Defina Finance. In the Adventure Mode, players follow player-versus-environment-based gameplay, where they need to assemble a team to fight computer-controlled mobs, thereby unlocking different chapters. For successfully completing chapters, players receive experience points and are rewarded with FINA, the utility token of the game.

In the Mining Mode, players conquer and occupy a mining pool to mine FINA. The stronger a player's hero, the more lucrative the pool they can enter. Players can earn more FINA by mining several mines simultaneously.

In the Arena Mode, players can engage in player-versus-player matches and battle other players for FINA. Each player has an attack and defense team and is matched up with an opponent based on an ELO-type matchmaking system. The top 150 players on the leaderboard are rewarded with FINA every 45 days.

Defina also has a Squid Game Mode in development, a Last Man Standing-type of gameplay mode, where players will compete in daily battles for a prize pool.

To start the game, players mint a hero that is part of one of the four factions (Prometheus Fire, Ouroboros, Thoth's Book, Athena's Aegis). Each hero is a unique BEP721-token, with different probability distributions for different grades and levels. Players can also own multiple heroes from the same faction, which will provide them with a bonus. Every day, they can earn FINA by completing a list of daily missions:

* Win two to four PVP matches in the arena;
* Complete five to ten adventure modes;
* Conquer three PVP mines.

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