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What is Direwolf Token

Direwolf Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum network. Direwolf Token is governed by an engaged community through an authentic, genuine democracy in which all members of the community have a say in the way community funds are spent . The project is managed by a robust team, composed of a large number of qualified and effective members of the community. The project team has a commitment to ensure that the project is constantly evolving and growing.

The Tokenomics

1 quintillion Direwolf tokens were originally minted. Of those, 68.6% of the total supply, or 686 quadrillion Direwolf tokens, were burned. An additional 20% of tokens were sent to an address which is locked forever, due to the fact that the locks were transferred to the Burn Address, making them impossible to withdraw.
As a result of subsequent burns and redistribution, over 96.5% of all tokens have been burned and 2% of every transaction is redistributed amongst Direwolf holders which includes the burn and locked wallet resulting in more tokens being burnt in every transaction.

The Gaming NFT Marketplace

Direwolf Token has experienced significant growth as a project since it’s launch on May 17th, 2021. In that time the project has moved away from it’s meme coin roots and sought to evolve into the cryptocurrency world with true utility. Direwolf Token’s Gaming NFT Marketplace is a cross-game NFT marketplace that will offer seamless game integration. The Marketplace is being uniquely designed as a way for any game developer to be “crypto ready” by utilising the Direwolf Token Marketplace platform to integrate their game titles to the broader crypto market seamlessly. Direwolf Token will create the conditions where crypto games can finally be “great crypto, great games.”

Charitable Giving Through DireCharity

DireCharity is a charitable initiative carried out by Direwolf Token. DireCharity is focused on not just uplifting communities around us but also on raising awareness around animal welfare. $20,000 USD has already been donated to the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary. At Direwolf Token we “Rise by lifting Others” and we demonstrate this not only within our community but with every initiative we undertake.

Covering Our Wolves With DireSwag

DireSwag is an all-in-one merchandise store for everything Direwolf. Whether you’re after a new hoodie, T-shirt or even Flip Flops, DireSwag has it all. Direwolf Token isn’t just selling merchandise though. Each purchase is split three ways. The first 25% is set aside for charities identified by our community. The next 25% is sent directly to the liquidity pool to help sustain the project. And the remaining 50% is redistributed to the marketing wallet to help build the Direwolf Token project and support our community.

Where can I buy Direwolf?

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