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Elastic BNB

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What is XBN?

XBN works to power the next big things on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Networks. XBN helps bleeding meme coin holders who want to create wealth from crypto by building DeFi and GameFi technologies that generate positive cash flow. XBN is the main token of the company where all of our other projects will branch out from.

Our XBN token holders can:

1. Use XBN to swap in-game currency xBlade from our game CryptoWar.
2. Hold XBN and make money by requesting weekly 1% rewards in either XBN or BUSD from our website without having to stake XBN into any single-asset staking pool or providing XBN into any liquidity pool.
3. Provide XBN in liquidity pool pair such as XBN-BUSD to earn high yields.

We commit to add value to XBN token holders by:

1. Proactively working on market intelligence to catch on the best ideas in crypto space, then create technologies that implement those ideas and create wealth for XBN token holders.
2. Sharing financial gains by providing high yields for token holders through various channels: Weekly auto-staking, Airdrops, Liquidity-Pool farming, single-asset staking.
3. Developing superior games in P2E and NFT space where our token holders can make a living from playing our games.

In summary, XBN strives to be a technology and finance engine in tokenization area and focuses on doing things that create wealth for our token holders.

Who is the Team behind XBN?

XBN has 20+ anonymous team members in a combination of a diverse and complemented background from coding, private equity and venture capital. digital media, and operation. The founding team has known and worked with each other for 10+ years throughout various ups and downs in large multinational firms as well as promising high growth early stage startups. We engaged into crypto space back in early2011 when Bitcoin is only a few $ and ETH is non-existence. In 2020, after acquiring enough experience and observation throughout the crypto markets during the years, we gather together to make a push for a company in DeFi space that target to become a wealth creation engine for token holders. That's how we come up with XBN and various of its special rewards and bonus programs. In mid of 2021, realizing the implication of NFT toward gaming industry that can completely revolutionize gaming into a field where players can play and make a living from their investments and efforts, as well as realizing NFT enables games to be in an intersection of art and finance, we develop our first game CryptoWar that aim to be our first step into GameFi space.

What makes XBN unique?
We have a few features that are very rarely seen in the market: 1. Passive income earned by weekly claiming XBN Auto-Staking feature in our website. 2. Migrating feature that allows people to convert other coins into XBN and earn 20% extra in XBN reward. When you compound the earnings in XBN by migrating and then implement auto-staking features regularly, XBN will become a wealth creating beast for you, recouping losses you incurs from other meme coins, shit coins project.

The reason other coins don't do this and may not be able implement these features is because they didn't think about this from the start: 1. They didn't create an emission process where we capture value of short-term traders and bots through our tax system and redistribute it back to holders through auto-staking or other reward forms. Thus they don't have a mechanism to fund the bonus as much as we do. 2. They didn't create a large enough war chest bonus fund room in their early Tokenomic initiation. Thus if they want to imitate this feature from us, it might break their current tokenomic. So we strongly encourage our XBN holders to accumulate a lot of XBN, and sit on those XBN positions to enjoy the power of compounding interests. Whatever we do in the future, there is always a linkage between those new projects into the XBN bonus fund, and the XBN holders will continue to enjoy revenue flows from other projects back into the token they hold.

Where can we find more info about XBN?
1. Telegram group:
2. Twitter:
3. Discord (CryptoWar):

Where can you buy XBN token?

1. PancakeSwap
2. LatteSwap
3. 1Inch
4. DoDoEx

Swap on UniSwap

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