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Elpis Battle

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What Is Elpis Battle (EBA)?

Elpis Battle is a tactical turn-based RPG on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The player’s main goal is to explore the game’s universe, which is set on a planet thousands of years ago and features several clans on eight different continents that all battle each other. Players can assemble a group of characters from the different clans, such as humans, elves and others, and engage in various activities to earn.

Elpis Battle follows the play-to-earn trend in that players can battle, mine, stake or rent and participate in the in-game economy to earn cryptocurrency. Furthermore, it features an elaborate upgrade system that enables players to level up their characters through various items and skills.

The game plans to launch its private beta in November 2021 and go into open beta in December 2021. It boasts a detailed roadmap for 2022, featuring a mobile release and various new game modes.

Who Are the Founders of Elpis Battle?

Elpis Battle is developed by ZEGO Studio team members and backed by VCC Holding. ZEGO Studio is a team of Vietnamese game developers featuring Quang Nguyen, the project’s CEO and Thang Nguyen, its CTO. Quang Nguyen is an experienced blockchain entrepreneur that previously founded Hyperblocks Pro, a DeFi project. Thang Nguyen was a developer for several blockchain-related games like Bunicorn and RedKite. Moreover, ZEGO boasts significant experience in developing mobile games and was in the global top 20 and the top two in South-East Asia for daily downloads of mobile games.

VCC Holdings is a blockchain incubator that focuses on supporting and developing innovative projects with a long-term vision for their industry.

What Makes Elpis Battle Unique?

Elpis Battle stands out thanks to its intricate in-game economy combining elements from DeFi with NFTs. For instance, players can partake in various in-game activities like Battle, Mining, Train, Recruit and Quest. The game offers multiple ways to level up your character in order to earn more rewards and stand a better chance in the various modes.

Gamers can also choose to train and level up their heroes, which all possess unique shapes and random stats. Elpis Battle features several races, and the hero’s rarity depends on their number of body parts, the number of skills and the equipment they possess. It is also possible to recruit new heroes through a combination of old heroes and a number of tokens held.

In the game’s marketplace, players can trade their assets and items and improve their character’s skill level and strength by acquiring new items. Furthermore, recreational players can sell items they accumulated, while aspiring players can build groups to gain large-scale in-game rewards.

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