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Fake Market Cap

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What Is Fake Market Cap ($CAP)?

Fake Market Cap, or $CAP, is a conceptual artwork focusing on the speculative cryptocurrency market and meme coins, created by Sterling Crispin. This unique piece of art is an ERC-20 coin on Ethereum with a fixed supply of 420,690,000 coins. Interestingly, each time a $CAP coin is transferred, the publicly reported total coin count increases exponentially, though the actual supply remains unchanged.

This peculiar characteristic of $CAP allows the calculated market cap to exceed any reasonable measure, beyond BTC, ETH, and the global economy. The Fully Diluted Value however shows the true measure of the total value of the coin.

It's important to note that $CAP is not an investment opportunity or a typical utility token. Instead, it's an artwork and an experimental smart contract, part of a series called Not Audited. The purpose is to push boundaries, either technically or through absurdity. It's akin to Wiiides, a project from the same series that increases the width of CryptoPunks with every transfer.

How Many $CAP Coins Are There in Circulation?

The Fake Market Cap project launched with a fixed supply of 420,690,000 $CAP coins. However, the unique aspect of this project is that with each coin transfer, the publicly reported total number of coins increases exponentially. This mechanism, while not changing the actual supply, creates the illusion of a rapidly expanding coin count.

Who Is the Creator of Fake Market Cap?

Sterling Crispin, an artist who’s work has been featured in Art in America, Art News, The New York times, Sotheby’s Auction House, and museums and galleries worldwide. Crispin's work often explores the edges of technology, culture, and the digital space, and Fake Market Cap is no exception. It's part of his Not Audited series, which aims to challenge expectations and norms in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Where Can I Obtain Fake Market Cap ($CAP)?

Currently there is a liquidity pool on Uniswap V2 that is locked for safety and can be traded here Uniswap

What Is The Maximum Fake Supply?

The maximum fake supply that the coin count can reach is an astronomically large number, specifically one hundred fifteen octillion seven hundred ninety-two septillion eighty-nine sextillion two hundred thirty-seven quintillion three hundred twenty quadrillion six trillion one hundred thirty-four billion two hundred sixty-eight million six hundred twenty-four thousand ten coins. However, to avoid a bug known as integer overflow, the contract will stop short of this number at a point roughly in the same range.

Has the Contract Been Renounced?

Yes, the contract for $CAP has been renounced. This action further emphasizes the non-investment nature of the project and reinforces its status as a piece of conceptual art and an experimental smart contract.

Is This an Artwork?

Fake Market Cap is indeed a piece of artwork. It invites viewers to reflect on its meaning and observe the feelings it evokes. In this way, it serves as a commentary on the speculative nature of cryptocurrency markets, the concept of market cap, and the phenomena of meme coins. The artwork challenges traditional notions of value and scarcity in the cryptocurrency world.

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