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Gemie is an Asian entertainment-focused metaverse platform and NFT marketplace built around fan culture. It serves as both the virtual hub of celebrities in the metaverse, and virtual fan clubs for their fans. In Gemie, fans can attend virtual events and collect utility-focused NFTs of their favorite celebrities, and also create NFTs and experiences to earn rewards.

Our Vision
Gemie’s vision is to create a platform for celebrities, brands, and fans to have direct and meaningful interactions. We aim to help celebrities achieve their full potential and reward their fans by launching their NFT collections; we strive to empower fans by giving them the opportunity to create experiences and run fan planets in the metaverse; and we aspire to bring brands to the Web3 space with one-stop design solutions.

Why is Gemie different?
Gemie is the first and only metaverse platform and NFT marketplace dedicated entirely to the Asian entertainment industry and its fan culture. With our team’s industry expertise, utility-driven NFTs, and diverse user-generated virtual experiences, we hope to be the home for celebrating Asian talent.

Some key differentiating factors between us and other metaverses include:
- Our users can turn their fan art into NFTs to use in the metaverse or sell to generate income.
- Our users can start and run their own fan planets with like-minded fans from around the world.
- Our users can create experiences to enhance their fan planets.
- Our team plans to collaborate closely with celebrities and entertainment partners to custom-create experiences and utility-focused NFTs for the Gemie community.
- Our NFTs will be wearables and collectibles in the Gemie metaverse and will come with exclusive online and offline benefits.
- Our metaverse will offer users the opportunities to interact with celebrities through virtual events such as concerts, after parties, hangouts, and movie premieres.
- Our sophisticated yet seamless user experience designed by a team of veterans from the entertainment, gaming and communications industries who fully understand Asian pop culture and the unique dynamics and needs of the consumers in this region.

Gemie users can follow five paths in their gameplay: Collect, Create, Build, Experience, and Govern. These paths contain Gemie’s signature activities and can be explored parallel to each other.

Gemie DAO
Gemie DAO is where users submit and vote on proposals regarding the development of the Gemie Metaverse. With the Gemie DAO, all users can contribute to create the metaverse experience they desire.
There will be three layers of Gemie DAO in the metaverse.
Gemie Planet DAO
Users can vote on the development and activities of the Gemie Planet, such as:
- NFT designs & categories
- Brand partnerships
- Feature development
- Events
- Quests and challenges
- Celebrity Planet DAO
Users can vote on the development and activities of the Celebrity Planets, such as:
- Feature development
- Events
- Fan Planet Committee nominations
- User-generated NFT approval
- User-generated experience approval
Once celebrities join the Gemie Metaverse and verify the Celebrity Planets, they can start gathering suggestions from their fans in the Celebrity Planet DAO to help them make daily decisions. Users will have the opportunity to vote on outfit selections, concert song picks, NFT themes, and celebrity experience ideas for their favorite celebrities.

Partnership Experiences
Gemie will partner with crypto and non-crypto brands to help them establish a presence in Web3. We will bring these brands to the Gemie Metaverse by creating customized and interactive experiences for them on the Gemie Planet. Brands will be able to showcase their culture, story, and characteristics and leave a strong impression on their target audience through these experiences.

Celebrity NFTs
For celebrities who join Gemie and open their official celebrity planets, Gemie will work with them to launch NFT collections complete with exclusive online and offline benefits.
Categories of Gemie NFTs include, but are not limited to:
- Collectibles
- Cards, posters, props, PFPs
- Avatar wearables
- Costumes, accessories, moves, facial expressions

Gemie room upgrades
- Furnitures, electronics, decorations, wallpapers
- Media files
- Video clips, movie clips, unreleased movie teasers, behind the scenes

Utility of Gemie NFTs include, but are not limited to:
- Event access
- Online and offline concerts, movie premieres, after parties, fan meetings
- Whitelists
- Discounts and priority in event ticket sales
- Whitelist access for future NFT drops
- Physical items
- Movie props, music video props, official merchandise, physical event tickets

User-Generated Content Feature
A huge aspect of entertainment culture is the creation of fandoms and fan art. To show their love and support, fans across the globe dedicate a lot of time to create fan art, however not all receive monetary gains or even credit for their creations. As fans ourselves, we want to create an outlet for other fans to create and be acknowledged, compensated, and celebrated on our platform!
From avatars and wearables to in-game items and experiences, we want to give our community the opportunity to bring their ideas to life!

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