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GoSwapp is the first ever defi app to bring the Uniswap trading experience to mobile phones.
Live Pancakeswap and Uniswap charts and tracking tools now available on web browser and mobile App.

GoSwapp gives users the ability
to track the performance of their favorite tokens and manage their trades from anywhere in the world.
Explore the newly listed Uniswap tokens and and track the token metrics, price graphs, and transactions in
an easy to understand and useful UI interface.

Features -

* Price Alerts : Set price alerts for your favorite tokens and get notified in real time when the token hits
your preferred price target.

* New Tokens Alerts : Get mobile notifications as soon as a new token gets listet on Uniswap, or explore the
hot pairs list to see which of the recently listed tokens have the most trading volume.

* Price Charts : Always keep an eye on the performance of Uniswap tokens by looking at their price graphs
with all the advanced technical indicators.

* Advanced Token Metrics : Get detailed info about Uniswap tokens including listing price, liquidity added (pooled eth and tokens),
daily volume, total volume, Tx count,contract address, number of token holders, etc.

* Uniswap and Multiswapp : Connect your favorite wallet and trade directly on Uniswap. Also set upto 5 pairs on
Multiswapp if you want trade multiple tokens simultaneously.

* Easy Porfolio Management : See all the assets (with live prices) and transactions of any Eth address.S

* Non-Custodial : You are always in control of your funds. Just connect to a Web3 wallet of your choice like Metamask, Trust wallet,
Coinbase wallet, etc and enjoy ease of use your favorite wallet by confirming transactions from your wallet.

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