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Guild of Guardians

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What Is Guild of Guardians (GOG)?

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer fantasy action RPG on Immutable X. The game’s vision is to become the world’s most popular RPG, where players can assemble a set of Guardians and earn rewards in the process. By combining fun gameplay that will be played on mobile with play-to-earn mechanics, Guild of Guardians aims to build an in-game economy that will be compelling for players to participate in.

The game will initially be accessible on iOS and Android and will be available in 2022. The gameplay revolves around training a team of heroes to collect resources and engage in challenges. The collected resources will be issued and distributed in Gems, the game’s in-game currency that can be redeemed for real money, spent on minting new assets or secondary purchases, and used to vote on game decisions. 20% of all primary and secondary trading fees must be paid for in Gems.

Since mid-2020, Guild of Guardians has racked up over 220,000 followers across different social media channels in its short time of existence. It also sold out its first NFT Founder sale, netting over $4.6 million that will be used for game development.

Who Are the Founders of Guild of Guardians?

Stepico Games, a Ukrainian game development studio, is the team developing Guild of Guardians. In total, over 20 people with experience in start-up founding and mobile game development are working full-time on the game. Stepico Games has developed several strategy and RPG games, accumulating over five million downloads in the process.

What Makes Guild of Guardians Unique?

Guild of Guardians combines a familiar style in gameplay design with new elements from GameFi to create a wholesome experience for players. The game’s gameplay and artwork is inspired by the fantasy game classics Diablo and Dungeons and Dragons. Players can select several familiar races like orcs, elves, humans and others as part of their team. This team is then sent into dungeons to fight in classic turn-based RPG fashion style. By venturing into different dungeons and completing challenges, players can amass resources, currency, and equipment to recruit and upgrade their heroes and enter progressively harder dungeons.

All heroes have a unique set of properties influencing their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, heroes can belong to three different factions, which influences monsters’ weaknesses and strengths when fighting them. The different classes a hero can belong to determine which equipment they can use. Elements and rarities are additional factors influencing the relative power level of heroes, with abilities and ascension levels impacting a hero’s development and synergy with the team. In addition, players can level up their guild of heroes with pets and equipment.

Players can earn rewards by crafting materials to create NFT items. They can earn materials by completing dungeons, although certain materials are unique as drops to heroes. Players can also create new heroes by merging multiple old ones into a new and rarer one, thereby playing their way up to the rarest levels. Moreover, the game distributes rewards on a daily basis to active players that complete quests and other game activities.

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