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Image Generation AI

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What Is Image Generation AI? (IMGNAI)

ImgnAI turns your words into images using Artificial Intelligence.

ImgnAI’s flagship product is “Nai” - an AI bot that turns anything you write into an anime, 3D, or hyper-realistic image. Nai is free to use now, but plans for a paid version, called Nai Premium, are in the works. Nai Premium users will be able to access exclusive art styles and models, remove watermarks, upscale and render their images in 4K, and mint them to NFTs.

Who Are The Founders Of ImgnAI?

The ImgnAI team are crypto native; their goals are to pioneer new consumer-grade AI, and to push the boundaries of what AI-based image-rendering technologies like Nai can do. In the long term, ImgnAI hopes to make Nai more user friendly so that their users can better enjoy the time they spend creating AI-based art, and to develop new and exciting AI-based technologies.

The ImgnAI development team specialises in cryptocurrency, smart contract, and web development, as well as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. No information about the team’s real identities is publicly available, but they interact with their community via Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

ImgnAI’s product roadmoap involves three phases. Phase 1 was the pre launch, where the team raised liquidity from investors to launch the $IMGNAI token. Phase 2 saw the team incoroporate text-to-speech functionality into Nai, improve the image render quality, launch some new in-house models, and upgrade the tech stack. And in Phase 3, the team hopes to announce its first major partnership, introduce Nai Premium, and launch the $IMGNAI token staking and revenue sharing.

What Makes ImgnAI Unique?

ImgnAI will soon provide $imgnAI token holders with a share of its revenue using a simple stake-to-earn model. Those who lock-up their tokens will be eligible to share any revenue generated from paid advertising slots on the Nai bot, the web app, NFTs, and from any paid partnerships.

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