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LaunchMyNFT is the first fully automated NFT generator. This revolutionary new platform enables creators to launch their NFT collections of any size or any media in less than 5 minutes. Need a randomized collection produced like Bored Apes? LaunchMyNFT also has this feature and it’s all powered by the $MYNFT token.

The Platform is live with 4 blockchain integrations, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Binance Smart Chain. In its first month of public release the platform has had over 1000 NFT collections launched, 1 million+ mints and a total of 30,000 users. It's growing daily.

- Co founder Jordi aka Kwebbelkop, is a massive game and tech nerd and a 2013 crypto investor. With over 15 million subscribers and 6 billion views on his YouTube channel, Jordi focuses on gaming and is quickly transitioning into the P2E and Metaverse content for his global fanbase. He is also Bored Ape #2323 and heavily influential within the NFT ecosystem.

- Co founder Suraj, is the director of Appsus developing; a cutting-edge digital solutions company focused on bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and cryptographic blockchain technology. Most recently focusing on Web3 integration and responsible for developing a number of solutions incorporating multiple smart contracts layers.

- Co founder Chris, is a social impact, blockchain and crypto entrepreneur holding an advisory role with 7 successful projects. Chris works closely with the United Nations, advising on technical integrations to support Refugees. In his free time Chris hosts BlockDown, the largest virtual blockchain/crypto event along with many other public engagements.

LaunchMyNFT has already acquired partnerships and advisory board members of some of the top industry leaders such as eToro, ChainLink, VLaunch, Banter Capital amongst others.

With a proven team, they set forth into 2022 with an ambitious yet achievable roadmap:
$MYNFT token launch on VLaunch (January 20).
Integration of multiple additional blockchain support starting with AVAX, Cardano, Luna and as a first priority.
Whitelist and presale feature.
NFT marketplace integration
LaunchMyCommunity; a cutting edge platform for NFT projects build and engage with their community.
Artist royalty splits specifically aimed at the music industry.
Integration with payment providers such as Visa, MoonPay and others.
Influencer affiliate program.

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