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Digital manga distribution over the internet is a rapidly growing industry. In 2020 alone, the earnings of digital sales of manga in Japan soared to an all time high of 342.0 billion yen (about US$3.22 billion). This figure is expected to grow much larger as this growth is still in the beginning of an upward trend.

This highly valuable industry has generated a very strong subculture in collecting merchandise. Substantiated by the fact that merchandising alone garners the largest chunk of Japan's anime revenue at 44.36% of the 1.3 trillion yen earnings in 2019.

Taking this into consideration, the Manga Token project is to help steer the manga industry towards the the blockchain world to achieve the following objectives:

A. Help mangaka create better works by supporting them financially

B. Ensure a flow of authentic digital merchandise reach the hands of collectors

To achieve the objectives, Manga Token will drive the creation of a platform called Trophee that is equipped with several core capabilities.

A. NFT Marketplace - Provides a discovery platform to create and distribute Manga NFTs through direct sales, auctions and reward mechanisms.

B. NFT Value Index - Simplify NFT valuations through A.I. based scoring to help collectors in their trading decisions.

C. NFT Collateral - Using the value index as a base, collectors will be able to collateralise their NFTs for loans.

We build the Manga Token to have strong utility. The core utilities of the Manga Token are:

A. Payment transactions - Collectors can use Manga tokens to buy NFTs and participate in voting for their favorite manga title

B. Reward token - Mangaka, scanlations or community group involved in the release of manga online will get rewards in Manga tokens.

C. Project staking - Stake for allocation to manga related projects’ Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on our Manga Project Starter platform

Manga token is instrumental in building up interactivity and growth traction in the manga community who will then be encouraged and rewarded with great content and authentic digital merchandise.

This project is driven by Elvin Li and Young Shin, both veterans in the software and the games industry and assisted by various corporate partners such as SOZO Comics, Super Genius Games and 2359 Media.

We believe that Manga Token will revolutionize and disrupt the manga industry as it successfully addresses the horizontal expansion of the industry.

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