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What Is Metastrike (MTS)?

Metastrike is a Metaverse FPS Blockchain Game project that includes many essential and advanced features of a shooting game, with VR feature gameplay and high effort investment in both visuals and gameplay.

Metastrike is also a multiplayer NFT GAME that allows large numbers of people to own 3d NFT guns and use those NFT to participate in the fighting arenas and make real profits from the battles.

In particular, we allow players to freely customize the shape, color as well as upgrade weapons, equipment, and costumes to the liking of each player through various ways and events in-game with our in-game currency/token.

How Many MTS Are There in Circulation?

Metastrike token will be launched its on January 26, 2022 with 9,000,000 tokens created at genesis, 1.5% of total supply. 25.66% is issued yearly for strategic rounds. 15.93% for team and advisors. The rest will be distributed for Staking & Community Rewards, Yield Farming, Foundation Reserve and others.

Who Are the Founders of Metastrike?

CEO - Peter Nguyen - CEO & Founder of & He has 10 years of experience in building games and 4 years in building blockchain systems. One of his major achievements in the past is the studio's combination with famous game studios such as Bandai games, Ubisoft, etc. In terms of GameFi, his studio has also combined with Decentraland 2017, one of the recent metaverse blockbusters

CGO - Sein Nguyen - Chief Game Officer. He has 10 years of experience in building games and achieved many rewards in mobile game fields in Tinh Van Group, Minh Chau Game.. .

CMO - Ryan Nguyen -Chief Marketing Officer. Ryan has 12 years experience in marketing on traditional, digital and blockchain field. Hoping to blockchain from E-commerce, he has a credible background in Performance Marketing and is familiar with building loyalty program, creating a loyal community which is really helpful on Metastrike's vision: Community First.

Game Developer Leader, Edward Pham - With 6+ years of experience in a creative, always deadline-driven environment and help manage the design of gameplay systems and online mechanics.In addition as a director and develop manage of more than 29 outsourcing games, as for the role of designed and co-founder 3 AAA titles and created more than 127 levels within the MMORPG and FPS game area..

Game studio team - CG ART is a blockchain game team with a diverse wealth of knowledge and many years of experience in making games with titles and clients like previous experience at Ubisoft working on Hungry Dragon and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, etc. We are confident with our extensive experience in both the crypto market as well as traditional gameplay design. Metastrike will bring players the best experience from the ability to design traditional games as well as optimize profits thanks to the deep understanding of GameFi.

Game partners that we have worked with such as Gameloft, Bandai Games, etc. You can see more here.

Where Can I Buy MTS?

MTS is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges: Kucoin and Gate

Swap on UniSwap

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