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What is MoonTrust?

Just this year alone, tens of thousands of tokens were created. Most of these token communities were built through Telegram and Discord. Often when new potential investors join these communities, they are misled by the information within the chat channels. This is done by employing bots to hype the project and create traction. Some also employ real humans as moderators who do not even own the token. MoonTrust is a platform to enhance the community by making sure everyone is fully transparent with each other. Click here for a short intro video.

MoonTrust Group Chat Feature

In MoonTrust only token holders are allowed to chat, and it will show the actual holding amount at the time of the message. Users are also able to create custom chat channels with customizable token holding requirements. This will help community managers manage their “dolphin” and “whale” holders. MoonTrust system will automatically remove holders who no longer meet the token requirements.

MoonTrust Payments and Friends

MoonTrust also supports payments between friends. When transferring tokens between friends, you no longer need to remember their public address. Simply find your friend using their unique username and send or request as you would just like Venmo. Final confirmation is done via your software wallet. MoonTrust also supports private messaging between friends. Users can also find common tokens held between each other. This allows users to find new friends who have similar token interests.

MoonTrust Privacy

Although MoonTrust offers multiple privacy options for its users, they do not have privacy options for group chat transparency. Group chats are meant to be public and to prevent manipulation. Anyone who chats in group chats will have their token holding value displayed (only for that specific group chat).

How Can MoonTrust Benefit Token Holders?

MoonTrust group chat system is a heavily needed system in a space where there are tons of rug pulls making headlines every week. Scammers like to airdrop phishing/scam tokens to random address, but with MoonTrust, the community can warn each other in the specific token group chats. Projects that create fake hype by employing influencers, shillers, or bots, will also be exposed with this chat system. Currently, it is also common that communities are managed by mods who do not own tokens in various Telegram and Discord project groups. These mod services are typically paid in stablecoins, ETH, BNB or BTC, but never the specific project token. In MoonTrust, these types of situations will not happen as holders' token value is displayed and only holders can moderate each other. Any bots or scam offenders banned in MoonTrust will have a direct cost of business to scam groups via gas fees of specific blockchains. Currently banning scammers or bots in Telegram or Discord is free. Malicious actors can easily create thousands of accounts. However, in MoonTrust users can only enter a chat group if they have the tokens. This means for every new account, malicious groups need to send tokens to that address, thus costing them money. MoonTrust is dubbing this “Proof of Gas” mechanism. Just imagine the cost of business for these scam groups when using MoonTrust for the ETH chain.

Upcoming Features

The MoonTrust team is not stopping with their current iteration of the app. They are also working on a governance and moderation mechanism. The goal is to allow token holders to ban/mute each other based on their stake in the project. For example, a whale can ban a small fish, but if enough fish and dolphins team up, they can also remove whales. Although the MoonTrust App works on mobile devices, the MoonTrust team is also working on iOS and Android apps to improve user interfaces and user experience. They are working on new designs to better suit the viewing and usage experience of mobile devices.

Upcoming Multiple Blockchain Support

The MoonTrust project is aiming to launch its platform across all blockchains that have token projects built in them. The MoonTrust team is targeting one blockchain launch per year. Their platform launch for Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Avalanche are currently in the works.

MoonTrust Team’s Message

We hope to bring together true believers of their specific tokens and connect them with other real holders. Our team also welcomes influencers looking to interact with their fans by creating their own tokens. Influencers that need assistance creating their social tokens, can reach out to or chat in the MoonTrust group channel in the app.

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