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Project Brief

OptionRoom is a governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot. Our aim is to
create a scalable protocol with multiple use cases: from oracle as a service to limitless
event derivates.

Protocol Features:

OaaS: User governed Oracle as a service: OptionRoom has the ability to serve as an OaaS β€” Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance.

User governed forecast market protocol: OptionRoom allows users to create and
participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real-world outcomes by governance

Dual token model: Dual token model: ROOM serving as the utility token of OptionRoom
and COURT serving as the governance token of the protocol.

Governance staking and authenticity score: Users stake their court for an increasingly
higher authenticity score, meaning more voting power. Honest governance participants
are rewarded with ROOM while dishonest participants are punished.

LP mining: The governance token COURT can only be obtained by providing liquidity/
staking the utility token ROOM

Self-sustainable and community based: Protocol fees fuel a buyback mechanism. The
founders of OptionRoom receive no percentage of the protocol fees.

Built on Polkadot: OptionRoom v2 is planned to be built on Polkadot.

User incentives: OptionRoom rewards protocol and governance participants. Pools
creators get rewarded with a percentage of the pool winnings, creating an incentive to
promote their pools.

Reward buffer pool: Excessive fees generated from the protocol are diverted to a reward
buffer pool to be used as protocol rewards reducing inflation.

Multiple use-cases: OaaS, limitless prediction markets, decentralised polls, dispute
resolution, decentralised surveys, curated lists β€” are some of the use-cases of OptionRoom’s architecture

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