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Rafflection is a deflationary, static yield farming, automatic liquidity generating token, with a custom incentive mechanism on the Binance Smart Chain. The supply of Rafflection will diminish over time. All owners will simply farm more tokens by holding Rafflection in their wallet, and there will always be a liquid market, and at each time interval, a holder will be randomly chosen who will receive several tokens.

- Custom novel incentive mechanism that makes holding the coin a long-term solution
- Static rewards give you back a percentage of all the transactions
- Automated liquidity injection based on the volume of transactions
- Automatically burn a part of every transaction will be burned automatically

The raffle contract will choose a random address that has a balance of a minimum of 0.001% of (TotalSupply - TotalBurned). Because there is no implementation of VRF (Verifiable Random Function e.g Chainlink) the function was implemented without oracles. It consists of 2 parts:

1.The owner of the contract generates a random number (called seed) which is combined with their address and hashed (called seal) then called in the start raffle function. seal =keccak256(random32bytes, address) The block number of the next block will be stored in the contract. storedBlockNumber = currentBlockNumber + 1

2.The owner will call on later the finish raffle function with the initial seed which must verify the seal. seal == keccak256(seed, address) and calculate the random number as keccak256(seed, blockHash(storedBlockNumber)).

In this way, the owner of the contract cannot know the hash of a future block and the miner can’t know the initial seed that the owner hashed. With this system, nor the owner, nor the miner can manipulate the raffle winner

Every 8 hours a random address that has a minimum amount of tokens will be rewarded a minimum of 50% of their balance. Even if you don't win, there will be a fee taken from the reward and distributed to all the other holders so it's a win-win scenario.

The amount of tokens given is calculated as follows
- 50% of the winner's balance if smaller than 1% of the raffle balance
- 1% of the raffle balance if bigger than 50% of the winner's balance
- 100,000,000 RAFF if bigger than 1% of the total balance

Distribution of Rafflection

Total supply : 1,000,000,000,000

- There will be an initial burn of 20% of the total supply

- The raffle will start with 10% of the total supply as the initial balance

- The team will own 10% of the tokens, 5% for devs, 5% for marketing/research
5% of the tokens will be for community rewards such as giveaways and the new games we will implement

- 55% of the total supply was distributed fairly in the presale

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