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Please check our whitepaper for full project details and tokenomics.

The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO can be found here.

What Is RickRoll (ROLL) Token?

RickRoll (ROLL) Token is a tribute to Rick Astley and his work. Rickrolling is the #1 internet meme in the world and has been around since 2007. The song used in Rickrolling, Rick Astley's - "Never Gonna Give You Up", was his debut single in 1987. Since the songs release, hundreds of millions of people have come to know and love Rick Astley throughout the world. It is our desire that our efforts here provide to you, Mr. Rick Astley, another Millennium of success. We ❤️ you Rick.

RickRoll (ROLL) Token has been developed and designed with the Rickrolling & Meme Coin/Token Communities in mind. Our token does not require resource intense mining like other well known meme coins (Hey Doge...). Therefore, we as a community project are a Green Energy Token and Earth Friendly!

Not only are we a Community Focused Green Token, we believe in complete transparency, you will not find anything hidden here! RickRoll (ROLL) Token Tokenomics & Distribution speaks for itself. RickRoll (ROLL) Token has a Maximum Supply of 100 Billion Tokens! Making it one of, if not thee, lowest known token supply meme coin/tokens in existence today.

Our goal is to make RickRoll (ROLL) Token the Token in the world!

Through our Tokenomics, the token supply will reduce automatically with every transaction made, via the Burn & Buyback functions, which were purposely incorporated into the Token by design. The Burn & Buyback functions will constantly add value to all RickRoll (ROLL) Token Holders wallets with every transaction preformed. Forever reducing the available overall supply!

Making RickRoll (ROLL) Token a 100% Hyper-Deflationary

Token Project users will benefit from and enjoy for decades to come!

In Summary: The RickRoll (ROLL) Token, Hyper-Deflationary Model Smart Contract. Automatically rewards all token holders, adds liquidity to the trading pool, destroys/burns tokens, buys tokens back, donates to charity and to top it all off. Automatically controls whale attacks against the project via the built-in anti-whale wallet and transaction control mechanics incorporated within!

These mechanisms ensure that the token supply decreases, leading to scarcity, with the potential of an increase of overall value over time. Making RickRoll (ROLL) Token a completely transparent, community focused and fair launch product. A digital currency with stable True Hyper-Deflationary Tokenomics providing sustainable long-term value.

RickRoll (ROLL) Tokenomics Creates, The Perfect “Hyper-Deflationary Token” Storm!

New to Hyper Deflationary Token Models check out this explanation.

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