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What is Rielcoin (RIC)?

Rielcoin is a reward token to enjoy the freedom that provide in our resorts’ partners globally. The goal of this project is tokens that can be exchanged with various stay, food and beverage in real physical resorts.

RIC also can stand for “Resorts in Crypto”. Our team is working on to make sure that RIC can be utilised in the real world for relaxation and enjoyment.

Who is the founder of RIC?

Rielcoin was taken over by J7 Holdings Limited, an investment firm that invested in technology and blockchain projects. Its registers office is now in Singapore and Cambodia.

What Makes RIC Unique?

RIC always can be used as reward token to fully book in our resorts’ partners and real estate project in coming year. Booking in our resorts won’t be enough to give a great benefits to the owners unless they can spend on food, beverage and many attraction that provided by the resorts.

RIC is your ticket to get away from the crowd and enjoy our physical resorts with your token.Many people say we are living in the virtual world and it is not going to benefit the RIC buyers.

In conclusion, we choose to bridge the physical resorts with virtual world of blockchain.

How many Rielcoin (RIC) tokens are there in circulation?

Crypto-tourist do need to purchase RIC to come and spend in our exotic resorts in our native land "*Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia*".

The max supply of RIC is set at 25,041,992 tokens. The RIC tokens were split in the following way:

10,000,000 will sell to public to come and enjoy in our resorts and our ecosystem.
10,000,000 will be assigned to the company reserve, to keep the project running.
3,000,000 will be reserved for the company's owner
2,041,992 were issued to company adviser, airdrop.

Where can you buy Rielcoin (RIC)?

RIC tokens can be purchased, sold, and traded on several exchanges, including:
Pancake swap

Swap on UniSwap

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