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What Is SafePal (SFP)?

SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet launched in 2018 that helps users to protect and grow their digital assets. SafePal provides hardware and software wallets, all paired and managed through the SafePal App and was the first hardware wallet invested in and backed by Binance.

SafePal wallet supports numerous popular crypto-assets, in addition to popular tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and TRON blockchains. Users can store, manage, swap, trade and grow their portfolio without compromising asset security, according to SafePal.

Since its launch in 2018, SafePal has grown exponentially and has over 3,000,000 users in 196 countries globally. More information can be found in the SafePal Official Website.

What Makes SafePal Unique?

SafePal aims to offer affordable hardware wallets as well as secure software wallets for users. The wallet platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Biitcoin, Ethereum and BNB. Its native token SFP is the utility token of the wallet and is used to offer discounts for users, incentivize SafePal users and more.

SFP Token

SFP is a BEP-20 token that can be transferred to any wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain network. It can also be exchanged with other assets and can serve as a means of payment for services. SFP also serves as the SafePal governance token, and holders can create proposals and vote on new features such as adding new blockchains on SafePal products.

SafePal APP

SafePal App is an application for users to manage the SafePal Hardware Wallet and SafePal Software Wallet.

SafePal Solftware Wallet

SafePal Software Wallet is a secure decentralized wallet that enables users to import, recover and manage wallets and crypto-assets on mobile devices.

SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet is a 100% offline and decentralized hardware wallet that has supported more than 30 blockchains and 10,000+ cryptocurrencies. SafePal S1 is embedded with advanced security technology, including EAL5+ secure element, self-destruct mechanism, device authentication mechanism, etc.

SafePal S1 Cypher

SafePal Cypher is a metallic seed phrase board that protects your mnemonic phrase against water, fire, salt and corrosion.

SafePal WHO

SafePal WHO Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) is an innovative airdrop mechanism that provides SafePal users the first token reward allocation system of its kind. Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) is designed to reward SafePal software and hardware wallet users by providing access to the airdrop tokens from SafePal ecological partners in a secure, decentralized and user-friendly way. To qualify SafePal Wallet users must have SFP token within their SafePal wallets, the amount of required SFP tokens will vary depending on the circumstances of the offering, such as reward allocation, tasks and timeline.

SafePal GiftBox

SafePal GiftBox is a natively integrated feature inside the SafePal Wallet App to allow the SafePal community to learn about new crypto projects and their latest updates. SafePal community is rewarded by blockchain projects through the completion of assigned tasks and quizzes. Blockchain projects can reward the users directly with tokens or NFTs through a secure platform.

How Many SafePal (SFP) Coins Are There in Circulation?

SafePal has a maximum supply of 500 million SFP tokens, of which about a quarter is currently in circulation. The circulating supply of SFP will continue to grow as more people use the wallet. SafePal users earn SFP tokens as part of staking rewards, participating in SafePal campaigns, and completing tasks within the wallet app.

As per SafePal’s official source, the token allocation is as follows:

* Team: 20.00% of the total token supply
* Foundation Reserve: 20.00% of the total token supply
* Community: 15.00% of the total token supply
* Product & Marketing: 15.00% of the total token supply
* Strategic Sale: 9.00% of the total token supply
* Partnership & Ecosystem: 5.00% of the total token supply
* Private Sale: 4.00% of the total token supply
* Airdrop: 5.00% of the total token supply
* Seed Sale: 2.00% of the total token supply

Where can you buy SFP

SFP is available to purchase and trade on various platforms, including both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Binance and MXC are among these xchanges to trade SFP. The token is currently tradable against a range of other cryptocurrencies, including Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD) and Bitcoin (BTC)

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