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Shilling Token

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Coin Safety

Project Brief

$SHILLING is a Secure Moonrat Token fork with bug fixes and additional anti-bot / anti-whale features added.

Hold for Claimable BNB and Reflect, use to play games, buy NFTs. Join Knights DeFi and see what we're doing. This token is a part of our evolving ecosystem.


Uses the Pancake V2 Router to lock liquidity and for buying/selling.
2 Trillion total supply
50% burn (1 Trillion)
Of the remaining 50% (1 Trillion):
25% Battlefield rewards (250 Billion)
Emitted at a rate of 100000 SHILLING per block shared amongst Battlefield Participants. (2.8 Billion per day, roughly 90 days of supply not taking reflect into account)
2.5% Marketing (25 Billion)
2.5% Treasury (25 Billion)
70% Liquidity (700 Billion with 5 BNB for Fair Launch) - 95% LP Tokens burned forever, 5% LP Tokens Held for Treasury
10% Total Tax (10%+ Slippage a must)
2% Reflect Tax
8% Liquidity Tax (4% to Liquidity, 4% to BNB pool)
Max Transaction at launch: 1 Billion Tokens (0.05% of total supply, .1% of circulating supply) (Will be increased to 5 Billion (0.5% of circulating supply) 30 minutes after launch) - Intended to keep bots at bay during fair launch.
Min Liquidity Lock Amount: 500 Million Tokens
Each purchase increases BNB Claim Timer based on purchase token amount relative to existing balance, up to 1 full claim cycle (1 day for 2 weeks, 3 days thereafter) if more than doubling holdings.
BNB is claimable daily for the first two weeks, then every 3 days afterwards. This will be exposed through the front page UI @

The pool is replenished via sales, and will also be replenished when people use the tokens for games as a % of the total. Battlefield will be replenished by Reflect rewards.

Anti-Bot / Anti-Whale / Safety Measures

.1% of circulating supply available for purchase per txn at launch (limit will be increased to .5% of circulating supply after 30 minutes)
30 second delays between buys (but not sells) for the first 30 minutes of launch (limit will be completely lifted and cannot be reintroduced shortly after launch)
Contract Activation done with a single function. Early buyers will get a better price on a max txn, but will not be able to buy multiples, thus most people will be able to buy up to 1 Billion tokens at launch.
Launch Limits will be lifted and contract will be time-locked for 5 days immediately following launch, all fees are unchangeable once the contract is activated to increase overall contract safety.
LP Tokens generated via Locking Liquidity will be sent to address(0) while in time-lock. I will only remove the time-lock to make changes very rarely, with transparency, and only when adding new features.
Selling or transferring ALL SHILLING tokens will cause the BNB claim timer to be moved out 50 years. Purchases and sales can still be done, but the user will be unable to claim BNB again. If you want to claim BNB later, use a different wallet. This is an anti-whale panic sale feature. Suggestion: Don't sell your entire stack or try to swing trade.

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