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SLAM aims to create an ecosystem of products ranging from casino platforms to innovative NFT collections and applications. All the products try to bridge the gap between innovation across DeFi & NFTs with user friendly interfaces to drive scalability. Whitepaper can be accessed under:

Let's take a look at the SLAM ecosystem. Slam Crash is a game where you can bet your cryptocurrencies in a game of crash that is provably fair unlike traditional casinos out there. Platform has generated more than $2,000,000 revenue and more than 7,000 users have signed up in less than a year. It can be accessed under:

Jokers by SLAM is the official collection of 8,888 randomly generated, fully hand-drawn NFTs of the licensed crypto casino & gambling token SLAM, living on the Ethereum blockhain. Truly dynamic NFTs. Provably rare. World's first oracle-powered & customizable NFT collection. Buying Joker NFTs makes you a future owner of the Joker Royale platform, 1st decentralized NFT & Crypto Betting platform. Mint is live on:

Slam Vegas is the official licensed crypto casino of the SLAM ecosystem. It has over +2000 live/auto games from a variety of gaming providers ranging from Evolution to Pragmatic. Slam Vegas has been soft-launched in Q1 '22 and team expects to speed things up in terms of marketing and promotions towards the end of Q1 and early Q2. Slam Vegas may not be accessible to all countries due to regulatory issues. You can visit it under:

Slam Pools is a dividend program for SLAM holders with more than 100 Million SLAM. It distributes 35% of all the casino profits back to SLAM holders. Unique dividend program provides holders with payouts every 2 weeks if they are eligible. Previous payouts can be viewed under: and eligibility can be checked under:

NFT Radar is a mobile application where you can track your NFTs and tokens all in one place. You can create your portfolio and receive notifications when a significant change happens within your portfolio. It is free to download on iOS and Android. You can download it here:

SLAM team also expects to release Joker Royale in Q2 '22. 1st fully decentralized NFT & Crypto betting platform where the profits are shared with Joker NFT holders.

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