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What Is StrikeX?

Launched in October 2021, StrikeX (STRX) is the native utility token of the StrikeX Eco-system. The StrikeX eco-system is being developed by TradeStrikeBVI (StrikeX.BVI Ltd) who’s primary focus is delivering design-led, sleek, intuitive blockchain powered tools to the retail market.

Key products contained within the StrikeX eco-system include: -

StrikeX | DeFi Crypto Wallet - A non-custodial multichain wallet (Launched October 2022)

TradeX | DeFi Exchange - A decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (Launch pending)

TradeStrike | CeFi Platform – A centralised token-based trading platform (Launch pending)

The StrikeX token’s true utility will be recognised through the launch of the TradeStrike | CeFi Platform. Through innovations in tokenisation technology, TradeStrike will offer 24/7 trading of cryptocurrencies, public stocks & other assets on chain with zero downtime.

Who are the founders?

Joe Jowett co-founded StrikeX in early 2021 with the goal of producing innovative yet user-friendly blockchain-based tools that make investing simple and secure. His highly successful background as a trader and spirited community leader makes him the perfect candidate to innovate in building an ecosystem that puts the user’s needs first and provide them with the most valuable and useful tools possible.

Kishan Vadgama co-founded StrikeX as a disruptive technology company with the sole purpose of getting the world investing with the quality of innovative tools that people deserve to own. With over 12+ years of industry-leading experience in Design, Product, and Marketing, Kishan has a demonstrated history in developing and delivering complex solutions packaged in simplicity and shaped for practicality.

Rob Clark joined the StrikeX team in early 2022, he is a passionate technologist with a proven track record in delivering innovative solutions and platforms to large enterprise, cloud and service providers. His extensive technical background (across storage and infrastructure systems, networking, security and dev-ops) enables a holistic and overarching view of the digital enterprise environment; and how existing, and emerging tech can be taken to market in mission critical environments.

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