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The QWAN is a decentralized ERC-20 token that serves as the driving force to create a global gaming community. The QWAN is open, permissionless, and can be integrated by any third-party application, platform, or game developer.

The QWAN supports a global gaming community with the aim of shaping how the ecosystem - from gameplay models and game development to community experiences and gaming careers - can evolve and expand.

The QWAN was designed to put gamers first and create a gaming hub with 3 main goals in mind:
1) To establish one share currency for all ecosystem members
a)The QWAN provides a single currency to empower gamers and unify the gaming ecosystem without centralizing power in the hands of any single player, publisher, or third party.
2) To empower gamers to earn across gaming experiences
a) The QWAN aims to empower gamers and gaming communities around the world by providing tools to create new experiences and shape how the ecosystem evolves.
3) To provide the gaming community with a gateway entry to web3
a) The QWAN’s utility centers around the governance of The QWAN DAO, the use of QWAN within various gaming platforms, Web2 and Web3 games, and spending of QWAN across The QWAN Ecosystem. The QWAN is also used as an incentive for The QWAN Ecosystem participants and external communities that adopt The QWAN and use it to enhance their gaming experiences.

The QWAN Ecosystem includes its stakeholders, The QWAN DAO, the intellectual property rights owned by The QWAN DAO, and The QWAN Foundation.


The decentralized governance framework that governs The QWAN Ecosystem, including the Ecosystem Fund. Members of The QWAN DAO are limited to holders of QWAN. The QWAN DAO distributes QWANs to a wide community of gamers and publishers through incentives and rewards and creates new Web3 gaming experiences with the use of QWANs within applications and games supported by companies and teams across the global gaming industry.

The QWAN DAO employs a community-led governance process through a formal proposal and voting system.

There are different categories of proposals as well as different stages through which the proposals must pass. The proposal process allows The QWAN DAO members to make important decisions covering a broad spectrum of topics, including The QWAN DAO Treasury allocations, changes to current governance rules, etc.

The role of governance is critical in building and managing a global community. As The QWAN Ecosystem continues to expand, stakeholders can express their views on how the community is governed and what initiatives are pursued.


Governance of The QWAN Ecosystem is represented by The QWAN Foundation. The Foundation is the legal entity that serves as the vehicle for facilitating decentralized and community-led governance and is tasked with implementing the decisions of The QWAN DAO to build and maintain The QWAN Ecosystem in a fair, accountable, and inclusive way.

The QWAN already counts with its first client in the gaming platform Banger Games, who will be integrating The QWAN as their key gaming token.

How Many QWANs Are There in Circulation?
There is a fixed supply of 1 billion QWAN tokens.

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