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**Uhive - A New Dawn in Social Media, Ready for Global Release in June 2023

Born from a bold vision in 2020, Uhive is now a thriving social network that has innovatively disrupted the traditional social media landscape. We've attracted a staggering 3 million users during our stealth mode, witnessed a whopping 8 billion interactions, and we're only getting started!

What Sets Uhive Apart:

AI-Powered Freedom: Uhive combines the power of AI with the freedom of decentralised moderation, paving the way for an open, fair, and interactive social network. Your voice matters here!

The Social Earning Revolution: Our groundbreaking 'Dividends for All' model is shaking things up! Every interaction has the potential to earn you tokens. With over 8 billion interactions already, imagine the earnings!

Community Control: We put the power back in the hands of users. Through community moderation and our councilor system, you're in the driver's seat.

Bustling Economy: Our marketplace is booming! Whether you're buying, selling, or trading spaces, space names, or content, the opportunities are vast.

The Oasis Experience: Enter a 4D immersive world where our AI integration, vibrant economy, and community control comes to life. Welcome to the Oasis!

Next-Level Tokenomics: Through the integration of a gamified tokenomics model, our Uhive token has been given intrinsic value within the app. And with our latest feature, Originals, the earning potential is even more exciting!

Our mission at Uhive extends beyond creating a platform. We aim to build a global community that cherishes freedom, rewards interaction, and thrives on creativity. Join us in this revolution and be part of a new era in social media!

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