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What Is Verasity (VRA)?

Verasity is an open-ledger ecosystem designed to fight advertising fraud, provide open access to infrastructure for publishers and advertisers, and reward users for watching video content. Verasity also provides payment solutions and a rewarding staking ecosystem with 15% yields guaranteed through to April 2024.

Powered by a mix of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cutting-edge blockchain technologies, Verasity is building the most powerful advertising ecosystem in the world through VeraViews; developing an open-access payments platform through VeraWallet, the VeraCard, and VeraPay; and enhancing the attention economy through its patented Rewarded Video module.

The $VRA Token & Staking Economy

The $VRA token, which is used for funding advertising campaigns, staking through VeraWallet, making payments through VeraPay, and distributing Watch & Earn rewards, is central to the Verasity ecosystem as a single utility token with a whole host of applications.

There are 10,305,680,354 VRA tokens in circulation. The circulating supply is deflationary and will decrease as Verasity uses revenues from its advertising ecosystem to buy-back and burn tokens at regular intervals. Over 155,000,000 tokens have been burned at the time of writing. The VRA total supply of 110,305,680,354 VRA takes into consideration 90 billion Proof of View ‘marker tokens’, which do not contribute to circulating supply, and are used exclusively to power the VeraViews adstack back-end. They cannot be traded. Verasity reserves another 10 billion VRA tokens to make potential corporate acquisitions and pursue new business opportunities through a locked token allocation called the ‘Warchest’. These tokens are not in circulation.

Verasity has a thriving staking economy through the proprietary VeraWallet, a simple to use non-custodial wallet for managing $VRA. Over 300,000 users trust VeraWallet and use it for staking, with a guaranteed 15% yield until April 2024.

With regularly high trading volumes, $VRA is traded on a number of tier-one exchanges, including KuCoin, Bithumb, OKX,,, Huobi, Bitfinex.

What is VeraViews

VeraViews is an open ledger video advertising ecosystem built around Verasity's patented 'Proof of View' (PoV) fraud identification technology. With transparent invalid traffic (IVT) tracking for publishers, and auditable campaign statistics for brands, VeraViews is a powerful and auditable solution for preventing ad fraud. With VeraViews, ads are seen by real people, resulting in a higher campaign ROI% for advertisers and faster payment times for publishers.

VeraViews enhances the advertising supply chain by using its patented Proof of View module and open-ledger backend to store data transparently and auditably on chain. VeraViews is composed of 13 separate modules, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) modules.

At the beginning of 2022, Verasity announced that VeraViews had partnered with Nasdaq listed marketplace Brightcove; a major video technology provider to over 30,000 web publishers worldwide. Later in the year, in August, VeraViews delivered the first third-party developed ad-support plugin for the Brightcove Web Player. VeraViews is an Amazon Ads Partner.

The Verasity Team

The Verasity team is made up of almost 50 people, including developers and community managers. The Verasity executive team can be found at:

Verasity was founded by R J Mark, CEO of Verasity. Verasity’s leadership team are senior blockchain professionals, marketers, advertising industry experts, and established product owners and developers.

Since Verasity’s launch, the project has grown significantly with a focus on attracting top talent, with the majority of the senior leadership team based in London, UK.

The VeraCard, VeraWallet, and VeraPay ecosystem

Verasity's roadmap for 2023 includes the launch of the VeraCard to complement its VeraWallet offering and provide new utility for the $VRA token. The VeraCard is a physical debit card that can be used for online and in-store purchases.

Building on the success, security, and features of the VeraWallet, and the rollout of the VeraCard, Verasity announced the launch of the VeraPay payments app for Q1 2023 for selected countries. VeraPay will use $VRA as a utility token within the app, and enable the use of $VRA to facilitate payments and transactions.

The $VRA token will be listed on the DAMEX app in preparation for the rollout of the VeraCard.

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