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To find out even more about this project, check out our deep dive of Voxies.

What Is Voxies (VOXEL)?

Voxie Tactics is a free-to-play, 3D turn-based tactical RPG game designed in a retro style. The developers of this virtual universe took inspiration from the classic tactical games of the 1990s and 2000s, but with modern game mechanics and updates in mind. The game offers two main playing modes, called Exploration and Battling, which incorporate game mechanics inherent in RPG games.

Voxies in-game mechanics (market, gear crafting, PvP battles) is the main driving force behind the demand for VOXEL tokens.

Voxies (VOXEL) is the native utility currency of Voxie Tactics, which allows players to purchase weapons, armor, and other in-game items. The token is available in the secondary market, which means that VOXEL tokens can be purchased within the game and then sold in the secondary market, just like Voxies NFTs.

Voxies is the role-playing game project built on blockchain technology where users can play Voxie Tactics and take advantage of the VOXEL token, earning rewards in the process. Gamers can explore the Voxtopia world or challenge other users at the PVP arena. Upon winning, players receive VOXEL tokens and in-game NFT items.

Of the obvious advantages, Voxies is a free-to-play game. Moreover, players do not need to understand the field of cryptocurrency or buy Voxie NFT in order to immerse themselves in the Voxie Tactics universe, Therefore, anyone can join the Voxie universe and start playing instantly.

Who Are the Founders of Voxies?

Voxies (VOXEL) was launched in Q4 2021 by AlwaysGeeky Games.

AlwaysGeeky Games is a team of professionals and enthusiasts that have been in the game development industry for over 15 years. Team members have gained their experience in worldwide studios around the world, among them EA Games, Warner Brothers Games, and Ubisoft. They have also contributed to projects like the Assassin's Creed franchise, the Farcry franchise, Mortal Kombat 11, and the Harry Potter games.

The names behind Voxies:

Steven Ball (Founder / CEO) has been developing games for AAA studios like EA and Ubisoft for over 15 years. He has worked with all stages of development lifecycles, from concept formation to production.

Ash Kurn (Co-Founder / CCO) has an impressive experience in customer service and specializes in quality assurance at WB Games. At work, he constantly strives to bring maximum benefit and joy to the players, trying to understand their way of thinking.

Ryan Sterling (CFO) handles all financial aspects. Prior to AlwaysGeeky Games, he worked as an accountant for major real estate and financial services companies. He is a big fan of the Heroes Might & Magic saga and other role-playing games.

Jake Melendy (CSO) determines the strategic direction of the company. He has been in sales and marketing in the technology space for more than 10 years. On top of that, he has collaborated with prestigious Fortune 100 companies like Oracle.

What Makes Voxies Unique?

In the fourth quarter of 2021, a public demo of Voxie Tactics with PvP Arenas and exploration mode was released. Players can test game mechanics like party selection, equipment loadouts, and PvE battles. The Voxies team also launched an in-game trading platform for trading items like characters, gear, and NFTs.

The Voxies ecosystem includes the following key components:

* In-Game Market where players trade in-game items.
* Competitive Matches. Gamers take part in two types of player-to-player (PvP) matches to earn VOXEL.
* Crafting Equipment. To upgrade in-game goods or increase their rarity, users mix and fuse elements of the game, forming different combinations.
* Voxie NFT Collection. There are 10,000 Voxies in existence that are unique and cannot be replicated. In order to create the next generation Voxie NFT, users will need in-game items such as Crystals and a very rare item known as the Catalyst Stone.

Advantages of the tactical RPG, Voxie Tactics:

Anyone can join the Voxie world and start playing right away. Users don't need any crypto knowledge beforehand. They also don't need to own Voxie NFTs or have any capital to get started, they can simply play and earn VOXEL;

Gamers can win contests and rewards by fighting in the PVP arena, or simply by exploring the Voxtopia universe or playing against the computer;

Users earn VOXEL tokens and collectible NFTs that can be bought, sold, traded, and lent on the blockchain.

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