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Wanaka Farm

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What Is Wanaka Farm (WANA)?

Wanaka Farm is a virtual farming game on Binance Smart Chain, where players can cultivate lands, tend to crops, breed pets, and decorate their virtual land. Players will be able to buy or rent land and harvest their crops, which can later be sold for WANA. The game will feature different seasons, levels of land, and types of products and animals. Certain in-game assets will be designed as NFTs.

Instead of a play-to-earn model, Wanaka Farm aims for a play-and-earn model, where players cooperate and build a relaxing atmosphere in the game instead of competing with each other. By providing an immersive experience that should only improve with advancing AR/VR technology, Wanaka Farm wants to appeal to young women and men, primarily from South East Asia and South America, looking for a collaborative game with earning potential.

The project has an ambitious and sound roadmap that target’s the game’s release in the remainder of 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, Wanaka Farms plans to launch an improved version on mobile, with an AR version targeted for Q2 2022. The VR version and cross-chain NFT interoperability are planned for the second half of 2022.

Who Are the Founders of Wanaka Farm?

Wanaka Farm is founded by a core team of five co-founders, four men and one woman all from Vietnam. The project’s CEO Truong Tran is an experienced blockchain developer with work experience at cryptocurrency and technology companies. CTO Thuan Nguyen also boasts blockchain development experience at Kyber Network and non-crypto-related tech companies. Head of Development Duc Hoang worked previously as CEO for the Japanese Mirabo JSC. CPO Sang Nguyen is an experienced game and VR/AR developer.

In total, the team numbers 12 people, all hailing from Vietnam and having experience in game development. Wanaka Farm is one of several Asian-based blockchain games that have been rising to popularity in the Binance ecosystem.

What Makes Wanaka Farm Unique?

To start the game, players have to purchase land, which is limited in supply and created as NFT. After purchasing, players can decorate their land to their liking with various in-game items that can additionally be purchased. It’s also possible to rent land, with players having protection from smart contracts that make reselling land impossible.

Land will come in four basic types:

* Basic land
* Lake
* Forest
* Sea

Initially, only basic land will be available for sale. Not every land is equally adapted to growing items, depending on its rarity level and the type of season attributed to it.

To farm, players will need seed items that can be purchased from the game’s store or secondary markets. Seed items will also be genetically modifiable. Items then pass through a “growing”, “harvested”, and “product” stage and can be used either for different quests at different stages or be traded after harvesting them. Harvested items can be combined and turned into product items, while pets can be crossbred to create new seed items.

A player’s avatar will have an energy level that depletes depending on the amount of farming done. Players can also improve their productivity rate by getting other players to farm for them. Lands will also have different levels of fertility, and players will be able to improve that through planting and irrigating trees, feeding and growing pets, and harvesting crops.

Players will be able to earn WANA by trading items on the Wanatrade marketplace, completing quests to earn rewards, staking WANA, or participating in the lottery systems.

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