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What is Wizardia (WZRD)?

Wizardia is a AAA-quality Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision driven game evolution, upgrade-based character progression.

Each player can take part in and specialize in different game modes such as PvP and PvE battles, base-building and exploration, spellcraft and research of crafting recipes. $WZRD is the cross-chain (SOL & BSC) utility token that also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game.

Two types of valuable NFT have been announced so far, with more under development: Arena Genesis NFTs – which offer owners a royalty share from Arena battle transactions - and Wizard NFTs – in-game characters with unique art, which earn rewards from Arena battle victories. Wizard NFT holders can upgrade, trade and rent Wizard NFTs. Wizardia rewards those who contribute to the game’s metaverse and its real-valued economy system so there are no one-way investments.

Who Are the Founders of Wizardia?

Wizardia’s team features 30+ experts in business, blockchain, (video and tabletop) game development, design, marketing, community building and support. They’re all gaming fans at heart and, for the founders, building the world of Wizardia has been a labor of love for almost a decade. The gameworld, game mechanics, rich lore and distinctive visual style is many years in the making and truly sets Wizardia apart from their peers in the gamefi space.

Mind - CEO. Experienced team and community leader. Extensive background in project management, marketing, and international event coordination

Tom - COO. Worked in the digital marketing space for over 13 years. The brains behind several high-use applications for the likes of Facebook, Shopify and many more.

Mantas - Creative Director. Master of visual communication, across video games, films, and art and non-profit organizations. Game credits: Call of Duty Black Ops, Cold War Call of Duty Back Ops 4, Unravel Two, Eve Valkyrie, Titanfall 2, Homefront: The Revolution, The Crew The Division, The Deep, League of Legends, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall, Killzone Mercenary, Call of Duty Ghosts.

Gediminas - Game Design Consultant. Game designer with over a decade of experience in the professional game industry. Director of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association, the Head of Studio at No Brake Games Vilnius, and the lead game designer at Nordcurrent. Game credits: Hungry Invaders, Dating Puzzle, Pocket Styler, Happy Clinic, Monster Buster: World Invasion, Crowns and Pawns, Kakes Makes nuotykiai, Jelly Love.

Wizardia (WZRD) Tokenomics

The $WZRD token is the core utility token and in-game currency of the Wizardia game and future metaverse. Tokens can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. $WZRD is a cross-chain token on BSC and Solana. The total supply of WZRD is 300 million according to the following distribution: 5% - Seed round, 15% - Private round, 4% - Community round, 40% - P2E & Staking, 18% - Marketing & Listing, 18% - Team & Advisors.

Initial circulating supply was 2 768 571 $WZRD, increasing as tokens are released according to the vesting schedule published at

Where Can You Buy Wizardia (WZRD) tokens?

WZRD is available on and Pancake Swap.

Swap on UniSwap

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