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What Is Xpool (XPO)?

X-pool is an open-source Decentralized protocol - built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn yield with ease.

XPO is a BEP-20 token of Xpool. XPO holder will take some advantages below:

* Earning interest on deposit: By depositing XPO to Xpool protocol, users will earn an attractive annual interest as the passive income.
* Used as collateral: Borrowers can use XPO as collateral will have a chance to get a discount on fees or borrow more than usual.
* Fee collection & discount: Xpool borrowers do not get charged a fee if they take out loans denominated in the token.
* Voting and governance: Users who hold XPO tokens can vote for potential product upgrades, releases, and parameter fixes.

What Makes Xpool (XPO) Unique?

The competitive advantage of Xpool is optimizing lending protocol on the Binance Smart Chain platform because of its outstanding benefits:

* Cheap Transactions
Most DeFi applications involve myriads of transactions, which incur transaction fees at every step. For this reason, blockchain fees are an important factor to consider before choosing a blockchain protocol. Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are two of the most common blockchains of choice for DeFi projects. But when it comes to blockchain fees, Binance Smart Chain is substantially more cost-effective than Ethereum.

* Transaction Speed
Avoiding unnecessary delays in transactions is another factor DeFi developers have to consider before choosing a blockchain. Binance Smart Chain, which is compatible with smart contracts for decentralized applications, is connected with the high throughput Binance Chain to achieve shorter confirmation times and higher transaction processing speeds while being programmable.

How Many Xpool (XPO) Token Are There in Circulation?

Xpool has a maximum total supply of 210 million XPO tokens and is distributed according to the fair launch mechanism.
The project had no private sale, and the team has no token allocation. According to Whitepaper 95.25% of total supply will be for farming, 0.75% for liquidity, 1% for Airdrop/Listing and 3% for IDO.

Where Can You Get Xpool (XPO)?

As of April 2021, XPO is available to buy on SwapX and PancakeSwap.

Besides, you can also get XPO rewards by staking on Xpool. Click here for more details.

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