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YF Link

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Project Brief

YF Link is a community DeFi project built around the decentralized exchange Linkswap as a hub and bridge for community DeFi projects.

What is the YFL token?

YFL is the governance token for the YF Link Decentalized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The token can be used to vote in the DAO and to receive cash flows from the fees generated by the ecosystem.

What is the YF Link ecosystem?

The ecosystem of YF Link comprises multiple DeFi products, each designed to generate revenue for YFL token stakers and to synergize with the rest of the ecosystem. Of all the products, three of the most significant are: • Linkswap – a decentralized exchange. • Linkpad – a community owned VC fund. • Sprout – a presale launchpad for new DeFi projects.

What is Linkswap?

Linkswap is a community owned Automated Market Maker (AMM), a decentralized exchange (DEX), where traders can buy and sell various Ethereum based tokens. Linkswap specializes in $LINK pools an cross-chain bridges or swaps provided by Ren and other partners. Trading on Linkswap generates revenue to YFL stakers.

What is Linkpad?

Linkpad is a community owned VC fund, which invests in high return crypto projects. Portions of profits from Linkpad investments are distributed to YFL stakers.

What is Sprout?

Sprout is a presale launchpad for new projects to source liquidity and access investors.

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