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Top 27 Token Voting Platforms in 2024 - Find New Crypto Coins Easily

There are literally millions of crypto coins and tokens today. With so many, how do you find the next 1000x gem? Enter: token voting platforms.

What Are Token Voting Platforms?

A token or coin voting platform is a website listing thousands of cryptocurrency projects where project owners can list their coins and where people can vote for them. Adding or voting for a token on these platforms is very quick and easy, and is completely free.

Tokens listed on these platforms are sorted by the number of votes each coin gets. This unique feature, which is absent from major coin listing site like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, helps project communities take part in grassroots marketing that helps get more eyes on the projects they’re supporting and a part of.

Finding the next 1000x gem has never been easier since crypto voting platforms came onto the scene.

How Crypto Projects Use These Platforms

By encouraging users to vote for their crypto projects, websites can increase traffic because such a straightforward avenue is a no-brainer marketing opportunity. Passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts take notice of projects listed on coin voting platforms and help a project become more sucessful.

These token voting websites are excellent promotional tools if you run a cryptocurrency project, especially a memecoin, and want to advertise your token for nothing (with optional paid advertising opportunities also available). You can use these top voting sites to set your project apart from other cryptocurrencies in the vast crypto space.

Top Token Voting Platforms in 2023

Here are the top coin listing and voting platforms in 2024. Remember that the crypto space moves fast, so much of the data found online these days is stale and outdated. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with the most up-to-date info, and will continuously be updating this list over time.

Website Authority Rankings

When we refer to Website Authority, we are referring to

Here are the top listing and voting platforms based on website authority:

Abbreviation Key:

DR = Domain Rating
LW = Linked Websites
BL = Backlinks
Vote W/O Reg = Voting Without Registration


Coin Listing Platform DR BL LW Vote W/O Reg
CoinSniper 71 6.1K 1.5K No
CoinScope 66 4.4K 971 No
CoinMooner 58 4K 1K Yes
CoinHunt 57 1.7K 486 No
CoinVote 56 36K 553 No
CoinAlpha 54 6.8K 723 No
FreshCoins 50 1.1K 377 Yes
GemFinder 46 707 359 Yes
RugFreeCoins 46 465 217 No
Top100Token 45 6.5K 630 Yes
CNToken 42 258 104 Yes
CoinVotes 42 80 55 Yes
CoinDiscovery 41 1.4K 433 Yes
CoinTopList 35 710 171 Yes
CoinsGem 34 3K 487 Yes
CoinXHigh 31 242K 184 Yes
CoinCatapult 31 345 182 No
MemeTools 31 312 131 Yes
MyCoinVote 28 450 101 No
Moontok 27 238 55 Yes
CoinBoom 26 398 183 Yes
CryptoMoonWatch 17 170 105 No
CryptoVoteList 12 138 52 Yes
CoinSharks 10 2 1 Yes
CryptoNextGem 6 230 66 Yes
ICOGems 4.1 155 41 No
CoinSpotter 0.4 9 5 Yes


Find the Next 1000X Gem

Now that you know what the top token voting platforms are, you can find new crypto coins that may end up being the next 100x gems, or get your project in front of a massive audience.

As the new kid on the block here at CoinSpotter, we’ve hit the ground running and already provide an often unparalleled service for both crypto project owners and crypto enthusiasts looking for the next gem. We will continue to roll out more features and services so that we become the leading coin listing and voting platform, into the coming bull market and beyond.

Know of any token voting platforms we should add? Contact us and let us know!

Also, if you have any suggestions how we can make CoinSpotter the premier and go-to coin listing and voting platform, then please contact us and pitch your idea!

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